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Balancing Body, Mind and Soul

– Encouraging all aspects of healing

Reflexology for everybody

Maintain Health Holistically

– The art of natural healing with Reflexology

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Reflexology For Maternity, Fertility And Hormones

– Supporting the cycle of life and the endocrine system


Reducing Stress , Tension And Pain

– Put your feet up, relax and unwind

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An Ancient Practice

– Benefiting people for centuries

Southern Reflexology Group

The Very Best Reflexology Practitioners

We are some of the very best Reflexology practitioners in the South Island.
As a group, our focus is on:

providing support
co-ordinating education
promoting Reflexology
having fun

The Southern Reflexology Group (SRG) has been running for over 10 years and we are a regional group of Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ).

We give our time to key annual events such as the ‘Body Mind & Spirit’ festival and the ‘Women’s Lifestyle Expo’ where we are expected to be there due to a following of fans. Money we raise goes back into education and other key group initiatives in the wider Canterbury region.

As individuals, we encourage sessions with one another both for well-being and to keep connected.

The Best Treatment for Your Holistic Wellbeing

Our primary service is Reflexology.

However, every practitioner has their own complementary skills to add to your Reflexology session, giving you the best treatment for your holistic well-being.

Some of our practitioners are skilled in Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure/Shiatsu, Ear Candle Treatment, CranioSacral therapy, Natural Facial Rejuvenation, and much more.  Check them up on our FIND a Reflexologist page.

Combined, we are able to help conditions such as migraine, back pain, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopausal or fertility issues, etc.

We offer a wealth of knowledge, skills and talents. It’s up to you to choose the best therapist for you.

A Huge Range of Skills and Knowledge

We are a group of highly qualified practitioners with many years of experience, offering a quality, professional service.

Many of our practitioners are certificate or diploma level trained and many are affiliated with our national body, Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ). In respect of RNZ accreditation, members follow a code of practice and ethics and are required to demonstrate continuous professional development.  Look for MRNZ as recognition that your reflexologist is a current member of Reflexology New Zealand.

Collectively we have a huge range of skills and knowledge and we meet regularly to share with one another both informally and formally. As a group we organise upskilling education windows in both reflexology and other modalities.

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  • What is Reflexology?

    Reflexology works by applying pressure to your hands or feet stimulating areas that are micro-systems or micro-maps of our body, therefore having a response and effect on corresponding areas of the body.

    Reflexology is relaxing and with the all the stresses in today’s society, making time for complete relaxation is important to allow time for our body to heal and repair itself. Reflexology also helps with detoxifying through stimulating our elimination systems.

    Learn more…

  • What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

    Reflexology can be used as a complementary therapy for most ailments or just for to help with relaxation and stress management.

    It can beneficial for reducing stress, pain, promoting nerve function … Learn more

  • What Conditions does Reflexology Support?

    There are many conditions where reflexology has shown to have made a difference.

    Not every condition has been listed so please contact us if we can provide more information on something specific that is not noted.

    Find out more

The BEST Reflexology Practitioners in the South Island

Some Profiles of our Reflexologists

Reflexable Reflexology
Bien-etre Beauty Therapy Reflexology
Christine Blandford Reflexologist
Breath Relax Reflexology featured image
2b In Harmony Reflexology2b In Harmony

What people say about Reflexology

From the first treatment the swelling in my ankles reduced, so much my family noticed and commented. It is wonderful.

Barbara Matheson

Total Bliss!!!  I find myself drifting off to sleep after 5 minutes of  the treatment. I feel the benefit of the treatment throughout my whole body and always look forward to our next appointment.

Annie McEwin

The beneficial effects that I notice in the following days keep me feeling very well, and my immune system and IBS are noticeable dealt with which is a relief.

Judith ParkerChristchurch

I am convinced this is not a co-incidence, and that the reflexology treatments significantly contributed to my successful pregnancy.

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