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Relax, Repair, Rejoyce

Harmonise & Balance Your Well-being

How does one choose a Reflexologist? Often you know someone who recommends a particular person, sometimes you read a flyer or search on the internet. Each and everyone of us has our own unique frequency that blends and discerns its like or dislike, trust or distrust, of another human being. This radar effect is in action all the time, in the supermarket, in the dark, everywhere.

Training, background, personality, and the practitioner’s ability to balance the frequencies are the key to a healthy, safe, empowering, practitioner client relationship. Suzanne is also a registered energy healer who is very aware of the souls need to feel safe, to allow it to let go of old hurts and to empower it to activate it own healing processes.

What you get out of life, is exponentially proportional to what you put in

Suzanne’s Speciality

Working primarily on the feet I incorporate intuitive listening to the bodies messages and find confirmation in the reflexes on the feet of body systems and reflexes that are out of balance. All ages from conception to spirit benefit from Reflexology treatments and every aspect of health from the ultra fit to terminal disease will feel advantages from professional Reflexology treatments.

Many long awaited babies have been conceived after regular focused Reflexology treatments. Reflexology is often continued through to a balanced delivery and a calm happy mother and baby. Reflexology assists the body’s inbuilt healing processes to eliminate toxins, balance digestive disorders, promote lymph drainage and strengthen the immune system, to name just a few processes.

Complementary Services

Health is not just the absence of a disease. It is the inner joyfulness that should be ours all the time – a state of positive well-being . Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Healers are thought to act as a conduit for healing energy, the benefits of which can be felt on many levels, including the physical.

Often Suzanne is guided to ask or discuss a subject in general conversation that may bring about a renewed balance in the clients perspective.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Gibbs Reflexology 4U

Suzanne Gibbs

Suzanne specialises in Reflexology, including maternity and fertility aspects. Other therapies at her fingertips are Metamorphosis – a time line therapy using the feet and Jin Shin Jyutsu – a pressure point therapy applied by the hands to specific points on the body. Channelled universal energy in therapeutic form or messages relating to the clients well being is also accessible.

An Aquarian rising sign and sun with a Gemini moon gives Suzanne a personality that likes to be at the leading edge of new things yet, she has to understand the depth of things, the matrix, DNA, how things work, which interconnects with what? The cosmos is her playground.

Suzanne believes; “What you get out of life, is exponentially proportional to what you put in.”

A wife, mother of two adult sons and grandmother to two beautiful girls, noise with dirt on (grandson) and many litters of puppies and piglets. Suzanne has sold everything from cosmetics to car parts, travelled most South Island off road tracks, hunted hillsides that were more overhanging than vertical, been soaked to the skin competing in NZ Gundog Trials and competed in clay target skeet shooting, including the NZ Women’s Skeet team. Until a move back into the city a few years ago Suzanne ran Heketara Kennels. These Springer spaniels were top of the NZ Gundog trial competitions and a favoured puppy breeding choice for New Zealand outdoor families.

Being always active at a management and committee level of any association Suzanne has belonged to, has produced a list of achievements to long to express here, save to say the active promotion and support of Reflexology locally and nationally is a passionate pleasure. Reflexology is now the favoured enthusiasm closely followed by gentler esoteric musings.

Suzanne and Reflexology

An ‘outside of the square’ conversation with a car dealer introduced me to reflexology.
‘Give me your hand’, he said. ‘Yes see, you have crystals in these finger tips’.

Silly man I thought and gave him credit for a novel way to get to hold my hand, then he produced Eunice Inghams book on Reflexology. I borrowed it and it changed the whole direction of my life. I began to receive treatments for my Asthma and then went on to study in depth this ancient modality that has been introduced into the western world.

In 2002 I left the high paying, high stress corporate world to practice reflexology full time and went from a asthma inhaler in every bag to not even having one in a drawer any more.

Memberships and Qualifications

  • Holistic School of Reflexology Practitioners Certificate
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
  • SCNZ registered Spiritual Healer
  • Many training courses by international trainers in Reflexology and energy modalities. The theories and concepts of body mind connections developed by South African Reflexologist Chris Stormer, has had a great influence on the way I practice Reflexology.
  • A founding Member of the Southern Reflexology group, I have held positions of Treasurer, President
  • Have held positions of Treasurer, Vice President, President and News Letter editor of Reflexology New Zealand
  • Member of the Spiritualist Church of New Zealand, Trustee of the Christchurch branch, registered healer and treasurer
  • Member of the Canterbury Clay target Club, have held position of Treasurer

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Dear Suzanne, It has been an eye opening experience as you have guided my thoughts back to me taking a more holistic view of my own health – physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe you have gifted insight that you bring to your practice as a reflexologist. Not only do I now generally sleep better and move more freely but I have a more understanding view of important relationships. Thank you.

The last couple of years have been trying and tiring for so many of us here in Christchurch, I believe that others would benefit from the experience of a session or more with you. I know that I always leave more refreshed – maybe it is the relaxing foot massage that you always finish with

Company Director, Christchurch
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